Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I posted this photo months ago and these yarns are still sitting in the bag that I brought them home in. I plan to knit yet another sweater for my girl. I have bought THE softest wool I could find. Now we are in the tail end of the hottest spring and inching ever closer to summer, the thought of knitting with even the softest wool does not sound appealing. Maybe in a month or two I will begin again.

Monday, February 8, 2010



I hand knit this adorable sweater for my girl. I chose a yarn that had a bit of wool in it, knowing full well that she has texture issues. Once the sweater was complete I was so excited to have her try it on to see if it fit, which it did, PERFECTLY! I thought it would take longer than two minutes for her to start clawing at it and trying to rip it off.
Oh well, live and learn. I love this sweater too much to give it away, I suppose I will keep it as some sort of keepsake.