Sunday, January 20, 2013


My word for the year is Gratitude. I originally had another word in mind, but something kept telling me that it needed to be Gratitude.  It seemed odd to me, I have so much to be grateful for, it seemed too easy.  I believe I am now beginning to understand why the word, Chose me.

At times, the things we should be grateful for take a backseat to the things that hurt us. I began a journal of five things each day that I am thankful for.  Some days I really have to stop and think, reflect on my day. So many simple, little, wonderful things happen each day, I forget them once they pass.  I have the desire to train myself to recognize them as they happen, and make a mental note.

Daily 5 - Sunday:

Sleeping In.  It has been so long since I have been able to sleep past 6:00 am. There is no better feeling than to wake up leisurely.

Big Fluffy Snowflakes. They fall so slowly, creating a sense of time slowing down.

Communication. Messages from friends. Staying in touch, no matter how busy you or they are.

Hot Bath. I have only had two or three in over a year. I generally prefer a hot shower. I'm grateful to have the option of either.

Inspiration. From the depths of sadness, anger, and confusion, comes meaningful art. As well from, the beautiful face in a photograph from the past.