Friday, August 28, 2009


Holga - Porta 400NC (expired film)

When I picked up the processed roll of expired film I shot in Chicago with my Holga, I was so excited to see that there were actually more than one or two clearly visible images! I have not had much luck using this camera in the past. I couldn't wait to be able to scan the negatives and see what I was actually able to capture, however, time did not permit me to do that right away. I was finally able to spend a few minutes tonight while Anna was in the bath to scan about four negatives and play around a bit. I just absolutely love film (still). I'm not sure if it is the anticipation, or rather the lack of instant gratification I get with digital, or the feeling of working with a seemingly "forgotten" medium.
There is something exciting about having that roll of the unknown in my hand, walking into the lab and smelling the chemicals that gives me the sense that I am interacting with the medium and going a bit out of the way to create an image.

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