Tuesday, September 1, 2009



Today was my first day back at work, a day full of what were possibly the most boring professional development meetings in the history of education. I am all for being professionally developed, but several of the hours bordered on sheer torture. My only salvation was the giggling of terms that should probably not be used in conjunction with curriculum by a speaker and the playing tic-tac-toe with my neighbor on her iPhone. In all seriousness, I completely understand and usually appreciate learning in any form, but it was nearly impossible for me to concentrate.
Perhaps it should have been a lesson on how NOT to teach in your classroom, and that is more of what I learned from the entire experience.
After the long day I picked up my girl and headed home. With a migraine moving into my frontal lobe, it would have been very easy to collapse in the chair and forget about putting much effort into what was left of the day. Instead I said "why don't we go and get ice cream" so we finished up an early dinner and headed off to the local frozen custard place. We enjoyed our treat while sitting at the playpark in the late day sun on a coolish summer day, and it was wonderful!

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