Sunday, March 28, 2010


Toward the end of what seemed like an extremely long week came one of those extremely long days in the life of a teacher...conferences. Three hours of being "on your game" can be draining. Much to my surprise and glory, when I stepped out of the school tonight this was the sight that greeted me! As an added bonus, my drive home is to the West. I got in my car and drove, listening to Big Star all the way I watched this beautiful sunset melt away in front of me and vanish just as I pulled up to my house. This image trumps all things that happened today.


adventuregurl said...

I love how you captured, and then savoured this overwhelming beauty all the way home. Thanks for sharing.

Cinmingrrl said...

Mmmm... I like it.

candace said...

oh my goodness...comments!! I guess I should check in more often. I promise to catch up very soon - thank you for taking the time to leave comments :)