Saturday, June 19, 2010


Paris in Springtime - Nikon D80

I have not been here in a long while. In the time that I was gone I had the opportunity to travel to France and Spain with a group of students and colleagues. As crazed and hectic as it all was I felt quite comfortable and quite at home abroad, other than my limited knowledge of the language.

When we arrived in Paris we moved right along, traveling to the hotel, getting out and about and walking around the city. It was sort of surreal moving around in "scenes" that I had seen for so many years in print and movies. It was an odd sort of familiarity.

Each time I travel I am reminded of my one extremely teeny tiny corner of this planet. I feel like a who in Whoville, floating obliviously through my life. While each place has it's own sights, smells, foods and charm, they are all filled with people, each individually maintaining their own little teeny tiny corner of the planet.

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