Tuesday, January 11, 2011

TWOsday: 1

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TWOsdays are back! My dyptichs with Anna. I would like to do this for the year so I can make a book for her. But, like any six year old, she is interested in doing something one week and then not the next. We shall see how it goes.
I chose this set for the first week, because both just happened to be on my phone and I liked the feel of them. The two of us cuddling one lazy Sunday afternoon, and a shot of "dad" later that day.
It seems as if my blog is missing people. People like seeing people though, don't they? I have a really hard time posting photos of people. First of all, are they okay with it? It just seems like a privacy issue. When I started this blog, I wanted to display photos that I had taken that capture the beauty in the everyday. I never wanted to include images of my daughter, or family for that matter. I'm not sure why really, I had a few weird incidents on Flickr, that may have something to do with it. I do have photos of people floating around out there, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to post a few shots here every now and then.


margaret said...

I like seeing you guys every now and then. xo

Michelle said...

I have the same reservations. And, yeah, it was Flickr that weirded me out, also. But, I just couldn't do 365 or blog and not include more of my family- that's what I do. So, I show them occasionally, too.