Saturday, September 8, 2012

Eight:Favorite Color

Todays challenge is simply, favorite color.  It just so happens that red is my favorite color, scarlet to be exact.  

This photo was shot in the bathroom at the local downtown movie theater, it looks nothing like the rest of the theater. Every time I walk in here, it reminds me of being in Madrid.
I always feel like I have walked into a scene from a Pedro Almodovar film, as if I should have some wild reaction when I look into the mirror, smear the bright red lipstick (I'm not actually wearing) across my face with the back of my hand, and then frantically try to scrub it off in the sink, of course it doesn't wash off, and I fall to the counter in tears while the water still runs. I gather myself, stand and shut off the water, straighten my black pencil skirt, fix my dark hair, exit and return to my seat at the current showing of Nemo 3D.

End Scene.

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