Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thirteen:Written Words

Written words. Words written. I have a deep affection for words, those that are written, and those that are spoken. Words are something I take to heart, I am a believer, a person who trusts in the words given to her.  Nothing hurts more than to realize one has used their words insincerely. 

I have a book in which I gather words, some that come to me, and some that have been given to me as inspiration.  In this book I make notes, write definitions, look for synonyms, use word association, all in an attempt to find ways to fit the words together.  

I do not call this poetry, per se, it is more like free writing, and I would never claim to be that good at it. That is not what it is about for me, it's just a form of self-expression, a release of sorts, a way of communicating what is in my head and my heart. 

This is just a glimpse into my little book, it is messy, it has doodles and drawings, words scratched out, words rewritten, rethought, and rewritten again, until it feels absolutely right, to me. 

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