Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nine:Inspiring Person(s)

I have so many people in my life who inspire me, though on the top of my list are the two people pictured here:
my mother and my daughter. 

My mother is definitely someone to be admired, she has been through so much, so much so, that there is no way I could even begin to describe her life. For the most part she raised me on her own, always making sure that I had all the necessities I needed, and I was grateful for the things I did have. 

I have always loved and admired my mother, not to mention that she is just as smart as she is beautiful. 
Recently, my daughter said to me "you know what I think when I see the other moms?","what?" I asked, and she responded, "that you are beautiful".  I remember thinking the same thing about my mother as a child, and at that moment, I wondered if I had ever told her that.
My mother let me live my life, make my own decisions, and told me that she would never take credit for the good things that I did, nor would she take the blame for anything bad that I did. I still think about this, the person that I chose to be, was up to me.
love my mother deeply, and I learned to love from her.

My daughter is the other person that inspires me, the person I choose to be at this point in my life completely depends upon her. She inspires me to be smarter, bolder, more understanding, patient, kinder, more forgiving, stronger, and the best role model that I can be. She comes first in all decisions that I make.

My mother and my daughter are extremely close, they love each other like nothing I have ever witnessed.  It is a different kind of love than a mother/daughter love, there is just some special bond between the two of them that I will never completely be in on, and that is okay. 

To be in between their two wolds is something I am thankful for, I am loved and I give love. I can't think of anything more inspiring than that.


Wizzybit said...

You are inspiring to me! Such a beautiful tribute to both ladies. Love love love you!!!!

C. Knack said...

Liz, there were so many people I wanted to put on my list, and you were way at the top. Love you right back!!! thank you for allowing me to be your friend <3