Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Twenty Six:Transportation

I am so far behind on this challenge, although, I am determined to see it through!   
Each day I drive approximately 30 minutes to and from work, and these have become some of my favorite minutes of the day.  I love the alone time, the time to wake-up, the time to decompress, and the time to just observe the landscape and think.
Not to worry, this was taken right as I arrived at work, you can see my speedometer is at zero, my seat belt is already off, etc...
Cruising into the school parking lot this morning I was listening to Blondie's Dreaming, seems like a good way to start my day.
I love my car, it gives me a sense of freedom.  Some of my favorite moments have been spent in my car, just me alone, unavailable to all.

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