Thursday, August 26, 2010


Today was most likely our last venture to the beach this season. It was a coolish day, but we decided to go anyway. Unlike the rest of the season, it was not crowded at all. That also meant that the water was too cool for swimming.

I spent time listening to the waves, watching the water, and thinking. Being mindful of all that has happened this year. Moving away from negativity and worry. Moving towards positivity and creativity.

Watching my baby move towards being a beautiful girl with a big heart.


Michelle said...

I'm always feeling reflective, even melancholy, at the end of summer. Not sure if it's because my kids vacation is over or if it's an emotional memory from when I was a child and knew my vacation was over. But it's always been a bigger milestone than birthdays for me.

C. Knack said...

I know what you are saying. It may be that I am extremely tuned into the change of the season, especially as I get older (fall is my favorite season).

I think being a teacher it is almost like my "new year" it's when everything is renewed for me...which makes New Years extremely anti-climatic for me.