Saturday, August 28, 2010


Summer is winding down and we are preparing to go back to school/work for another year. Today was one of those perfect end of the summer days, still warm with just a hint of fall in the air. We decided it was a good day to visit the zoo.

If you knew my girl you would know that being able to see the snow leopard this close was a huge thrill, I think she shrieked when he popped-up in front of her. Usually when we go it is so hot that they are sleeping off in the shade, and are hard to spot.

A few years ago, when the snow leopard was just a baby, he ran right up to the window when she walked in (though I don't think they can see in through the window), she was convinced today that he remembered her and is why he came up to the window again, she said "maybe he could sense that it was me"


Lisa Gordon said...

Through the eyes of a child!!
This is a beautiful shot!

C. Knack said...

thank you, Lisa! it was pretty amazing to have been able to get the shot!